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The Best Career Focused YouTube Videos

March 31, 2021

Need a little work inspiration and motivation? If you’re feeling like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day” where work is becoming monotonous and everyday feels the same, it might be time to seek out inspiration to re-energize and reinvigorate. We’ve posted before about the best business podcasts to listen to, and in today’s blog we’ll share our picks for the best YouTube videos you can watch to inspire career growth, development, and success.

“How to Stay Focused”

Have trouble focusing? In this short video, Brendon Burchard shares his secret of staying focused both in your personal and professional life and the one technique that will make a huge difference in your productivity.

Watch here

“The Puzzle of Motivation”

Dan Pink’s discusses the “puzzle of motivation” and how traditional rewards aren't as effective as we may think. He shares what he believes really motivates people and how business leaders can use that knowledge to incentivize their teams and organizations.

Watch here

“Greatness Within”

In this video, Les Brown and others, inspire you to develop the greatness within yourself. It’s only a 6-minute video with a variety of short audio clips from various speakers and well worth the watch.

Watch Here

“How to Make Stress Your Friend”

Feeling a bit stressed at work these days? Watch this TedTalk with Kelly McGonigal. In the video she shares strategies on how to change the way you perceive stress and how to view it in a more positive and beneficial light.

Watch Here

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