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Importance of Resume Headlines

Importance of Resume Headlines

April 27, 2021

When applying for jobs, tailoring your resume is a must. You shouldn’t use the same resume for every role you are applying for, but instead do your homework ahead of time, research the company and the job, then format your resume to highlight key responsibilities and accomplishments that are relevant for that specific role. This is something most people are aware of and do already, but one other key factor when formatting your resume is to include a resume headline. What is a headline exactly and what should you write for it? Below we’ll cover just that and how this small addition can be a game-changer for your resume.

What is a resume headline?

Indeed describes a resume headline as a “short, one-line phrase that highlights and summarizes your professional strengths and communicates what you can offer to an organization when you’re hired.” This short blurb, which like the rest of your resume you’ll tailor specifically to each role you’re applying for, will highlight your qualifications and why you are the ideal candidate for the role. Including a resume headline will give the hiring manager or recruiter a quick and powerful sum-up of your qualifications and skills. 

What to include in your resume headline

Now that you know the importance of including a resume headline, the next step is to draft it. You’ll want to look at the job description of the role you are applying for and search for keywords that relate to your specific job skills and work history. Include those same keywords in your resume headline and be specific about how you qualify for the role. For example, you could include metrics and highlight your yearly revenue growth or customer support retention rates, so long as the metrics you are including are notable. Additionally, you may want to include the number of years of experience you have in the field and any relevant certificates or awards you’ve received. Once you are done writing it, include it at the top of your resume and remember to switch it up for each role you’re applying for!

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