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Essential Skills Needed to Land a Remote Job

Essential Skills Needed to Land a Remote Job

May 3, 2023

For employees hoping to land a job that allows them to work remotely, from wherever they choose, there are some essential skills they must have. Since the start of the pandemic especially, demand for remote and hybrid work options has increased, and many companies now are offering this option to attract and retain top talent. However, for employees wanting a job flexible enough that allows them to, quite literally, work anywhere in the world, they must not only excel at their job requirements but also have these important skills developed.


Working remotely requires organization, self-motivation, and time management skills. You must be disciplined enough to complete your important tasks and job duties while keeping distractions to a minimum. There are many strategies to help you stay on track with your responsibilities and schedule. Some of these strategies include starting your day with a to-do list, having dedicated focused time blocked on your calendar where you work uninterrupted, setting a timer and working on important projects in short bursts, working in an organized and quiet space, completing your hardest tasks first thing in your day, etc. When it comes down to it, try out different strategies so you can find what works for you.

Technical Knowledge

Companies that offer remote positions typically have several tools to help employees manage their work and communicate with their teams. While you don’t need in-depth knowledge of every tool currently available, you must have a growth mindset and be capable of learning new technology. When interviewing for a remote role, see if you can find out what tools they use for remote employees and do some homework on how those tools work and familiarize yourself with them ahead of the interview. Hiring managers will want to make sure you’re technically savvy enough to use the tools required for remote employees.


Communication is an essential skill for just about any job, including leadership roles as we’ve discussed in a previous blog, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most important skills you can have if you’re seeking a remote role. When you’re not in the office, talking face-to-face, communicating takes a bit more forethought. When others can’t hear your tone or see your face and body expressions, things don’t always come across the way you intended. In addition to thinking about how you come across in emails, chats, and phone calls, another part of communication is letting others know your schedule. It’s important to build trust by communicating with others about what projects you’re working on and when you’ll be available. Interacting and collaborating with others when you’re working remotely takes a bit more work than when you’re working in the office but doing so will show others you’re motivated, reliable, and engaged.

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